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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pie Crust, One Last Time!

I had to try one last variation on my pie crust recipe. I really liked the pie crust made with Sorghum Chickpea Blend, because I really like the flavor and texture the chickpea flour adds to the crust. But mindful of others who don't care for that subtle flavor or for those who are allergic to legumes (this one is for you, Samuel!), I decided to make a plain sorghum flour blend without chickpea flour (All Purpose Sorghum Blend, which is also good in pancakes, by the way!) This final pie crust experiment turned out pretty good too, although by itself a bit bland because there's no butter in it. I'm thinking of (while slightly cringing) using bacon fat in the recipe next time for the flavor it will add to the crust. However, pie filling helps mask this slight blandness and it does turn out to be a serviceable crust. It holds up well and is easy to work with. The pie pastry tore more easily than the one made with chickpea flour, but it was easy to mend. All in all, this was a success and turns out to be my second favorite flour blend for pie crust.

Update 11/21/08
My newest, very favorite flour blend for pie crust is High Protein Flour Blend. I know I've ranted about rice flour being gritty in a pie crust, but not this time. Not only is this pastry dough easy to work with, it tastes fabulous and not in the least bit gritty at all. It's flaky! It's unbelievable how good this gluten free pie crust is, and how flaky it is...I'm impressed.

From top to bottom: pie pastry on floured wax paper, pie pastry rolled out, pie pastry flipped into pie plate and wax paper being peeled off, pie crust fluted and ready for action, and pie crust partially baked.

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