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Monday, February 9, 2009

GFCF "Buttermilk" Ranch Salad Dressing

I love Ranch Dressing. Sadly, most of it is taboo...unless I make it at home! I used to make this with a combination of mayo and sour cream, but I tried it with just mayo and it really was pretty good. It fixes that ranch dressing craving, at least!

2 tbsp. Ranch Dressing Base (such as Penzey's Buttermilk Ranch)
3 tbsp. water
1 tbsp. vinegar, lemon juice, or water
1/4 cup mayo (Whole Foods 365 brand is gluten, casein and soy free)
1/2 cup dairy free, soy free plain yogurt (such as So Delicious)
rice milk or other dairy free milk alternative for thinning, if desired

Combine the Ranch Dressing Base (I love Penzey's), water and vinegar. Let stand 5 minutes. Add the mayo and yogurt and whisk to blend. Thin if desired. This is great on salads, but my favorite way to enjoy this is with grape tomatoes. Yum.


Becky said...

I went and ordered some Penzeys and definitely want to try this one. I have tried some of the ranch dressing recipes (non-milk based) and they definitely left something to be desired. I am so excited to have one that actually tastes good! Can't wait!

Erin said...

I am a big fan of Penzey's. All the herbs and spices they have smell so fresh and taste so good. It is a total bummer, however, that their soup bases have either soy or whey protein in them! Oh well...the buttermilk dressing is really good!

Holly said...

doesn't buttermilk have casein? or am I wrong? I'm knew to the casein stuff but have been GF for a year

Erin said...

You are right, buttermilk does have casein in it. But my "Buttermilk" ranch dressing recipe does not. The Penzey's mix has no casein in it (see link), just safe herbs and seasonings. And by mixing this with mayo and coconut milk yogurt, I avoid the casein and still get that ranch dressing taste!