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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Casein Free, Soy Free Margarine

UPDATE: Earth Balance now has a casein free, soy free margarine that is available all year round!

Anna misses toast with butter. So do I. Neither one of us really cares for ghee on our toast. A friend recently told me that Whole Foods has picked up an Earth Balance margarine that is vegan and soy free, but I have not been able to find it. Then another friend told me that there is a casein-free, soy-free margarine that is available only once a year during Passover! (Did you know that legumes are not kosher for Passover? I did not! So soy is right out!) I got myself to a supermarket that carries kosher foods and lo and behold, in the frozen "Kosher for Passover" section, there was the elusive soy-free margarine! It's made with cottonseed oil and there's nary a hint of casein, soy or gluten to be found. It's unsalted, but there are ways to deal with that, so I picked up four packages.

After picking up the margarine, I hightailed it back home to make some toast. The margarine has a very mild flavor and it really did need a little salt - I sprinkled some salt on top of the toast and it was pretty good! Anna scarfed her toast up in the blink of an eye and wanted more. But alas, there is no more bread in the house. My new bread machine is still in the box. It has been sitting around for a week waiting for someone to find the time to open it. Maybe tomorrow things will calm down, you never know - Megan is feeling a little bit better and I might actually get something done tomorrow. It's a good thing Anna likes pasta, because that is what she's had for lunch at school lately! Anyway, I'm very happy that we finally have an agreeable margarine in the house, if only for toast!


Rachel said...

Just a note: Legumes are not kosher for Passover only according to the Ashkenazic way. (Most American Jews are Ashkenazic, so you get the soy-free margarine!) The Sephardim allow rice and legumes because those two food groups make up much of the diet in Spain and North Africa.

For Passover, I follow the Sephardic way--which isn't a stretch, since my ancestors had lived in Spain for hundreds of years before being expelled in 1492. They ended up in Lithuania, where voila! they became Ashkenazic.

Erin said...

Aha, I learn something new every day. My friend was trying to explain to me how the Jews from North Africa use rice and legumes during Passover, but that basically everyone else does not...I got confused somewhere along the way. It's all very interesting!

James and Katie said...

I bought some of this butter and thought it was bland so I mixed about 1/2 c of butter with 2 Tbs Ghee and 1/4c of olive oil and salt and whipped it in my kitchen aid for about 20 minutes and it makes a great whipped butter. The ghee gives it the butter flavor that the kosher butter is missing. Anyways I was really excited and my son is excited to have butter again that is GFCFSF

Erin said...

That sounds great! Thanks for sharing that tip!

Becky said...

Not sure if you have a Whole Foods near you but Earth Balance has a new butter sub that is soy free - it is made with Olive Oil! I was thrilled to find it at my local store this week! Here is a link:

Erin said...

Hi Becky,

I have been looking and looking and looking for this! Every time I go into Whole Foods I look, and no luck! Maybe I should just put my foot down and make my local WF order it for me. This cottonseed stuff is going fast - my daughters cannot get enough of their "special butter" and we are going to run out of it soon!

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...


My mother stopped in a Whole Foods in her area. I have none within a 90 mile radius of me, at the least.

She looked at the dairy, soy, gluten free Earth Balance spread and said the very last ingredient was corn. It has something to do with flavoring, I think. Anyway, just wondered if you have continued to use it or have been bothered by it.


Erin said...

Hi Andrea,
my kids enjoy the Earth Balance, but I don't use it for myself because of the corn. I can try it and see what happens, if you like!

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks Erin, but I would not ask you to do that. I was just wondering.


Erin said...

Well, I will try it anyway and see what happens. Sometime. Maybe soon. Maybe later. I'll let you know. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you have any of those Haolam boxes left, do you? I tried to conatact a (the) company through a google search. They need a UPC code... Um, maybe it's not their product and they don't know it??? Erin, I live in the tiniest of towns. There's nothing available around here. :( I do realize you mentioned this product is only available at Passover. Hope you're thawing out in your neck of the woods. It's finally warming up here in the southeast.


Erin said...

Andrea - I DO have ONE Haolam margarine box left! The numbers under the barcode are 2663819401. You CAN order this online! Try here:

I'm thawing's been cold for a month! Brrrr....I'm not used to it anymore! :)