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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another No Roll Pie Crust Recipe

This is a great recipe for sweet pies (I have another No Roll Pie Crust recipe for savory pies). It's great for those times when you really want to make a pie but don't have the time or energy to roll out your pie crusts. This will fill a deep dish pie plate with just a smidge left over. I made it with All Purpose Millet and Sorghum Blend - the millet is sweet and the end result is slightly crumbly when you cut it with a fork, which I liked, and which works well with a crumb topping (with nuts or nut free). It even goes from pie plate to dish without falling apart! I'm pretty sure other flour blends would work well too, such as All Purpose Sorghum. I'm pretty happy with how this pie crust recipe turns out!

1 1/3 cups GF flour blend
1/2 cup palm shortening
1 egg, beaten

In a medium bowl, cut the margarine into the flour blend with a pastry blender or tines of a fork until the mixture resembles small crumbs. Add the egg and mix well. Place mixture into a deep dish pie plate, pressing the bottom and up the sides evenly with your fingers. Flute edges with the tines of a fork, if desired. Bake crust according to your pie recipe.

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