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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GFCF Onion Rings

My friend M makes really great onion rings. The first time she made them for me, I scarfed nearly half of them because it'd been so long since I'd had onion rings and hers were much better than I remember onion rings ever being. She showed me how to make them the other day and she let me borrow her really nifty George Foreman Fryer. I really love it - the basket spins and forces 50% of the oil out of the food so you can eat onion rings with only half a guilty conscience. So I made some onion rings yesterday and after a few snafus, they came out just right. The key is to toss a few at a time with a little bit of crumbs - you can't reuse the crumbs because they clump together and don't coat the onions well. And you can't get impatient and stuff the fry basket full of onion rings because they'll all stick together.

Now, M used some expensive Orgran rice crumbs to coat her onion rings. All I had in the house were regular GF bread crumbs and some Rice Chex. So I crushed the Rice Chex and tried both coatings. Everyone liked the Rice Chex coating better. They tasted just the same as the Orgran crumbs and they are much cheaper!

If you don't have a fryer don't worry. You can make onion rings on the stove top in a pot or deep skillet. Just heat enough oil to cover a single layer of onion rings over medium-high heat and cook until golden brown. Remove onion rings from the oil and drain on paper towels before serving hot.

(We like to dip our onion rings into BBQ sauce or buttermilk ranch dressing.)

2 medium to large onions
Potato starch, arrowroot or other starch flour
2 beaten eggs
finely crushed rice cereal, about 2 cups
pinch of salt and pepper
canola oil for frying

Slice the onions into rounds. Push out the centers and save for another use. Put some potato starch (start with 1/4 cup, you can always add more if needed) into a large ziplock bag. Take a handful of onion rings, put them into the bag with the potato starch and shake the bag to coat. (You can reuse this starch flour for more onion rings.)

Remove the onion rings from the potato starch bag, shaking off excess starch flour. Place the onion rings in a medium bowl with the beaten eggs and toss to coat well.

Put some crushed rice cereal (about 1/3 cup) in a different ziplock bag and throw in a pinch of salt and pepper. Shake the bag to distrubute. Take the egg-coated onion rings, shake off excess egg and quickly place into the bag with the crushed rice cereal. Shake to coat well. (Don't reuse the rice coating, toss it and add unused rice coating and another pinch of salt and pepper.)

Remove the onion rings from the ziplock bag and place them in the fryer basket (or pot of hot oil). Cook in hot oil 5- 8 minutes or until golden brown. Drain and serve hot. Serves 4.


jen said...

oh how much I love M's onion rings. I remember her bringing her fryer over to my house and making some for us. M and I were doing inside kitchen stuff while the hubbies were doing outside cooking. Needless to say we did not share much with the boys that night! Thinking about them makes my mouth water...

Erin said...

I think we should have onion rings at our next get-together, but make our men do the cooking while we relax!

jen said...

I second that.

Anonymous said...

I am allergic to eggs. Could I use coconut milk instead as you suggested in your chicken nuggets recipe?

Erin said...

I think a thick liquid like coconut milk would work well, but instead of using breadcrumbs I'd try an all-purpose gluten free flour blend mixed with a little salt and pepper. So dip your onion rings in the coconut milk, dredge in the flour blend and fry until golden!