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Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Affair with Pears

I love pears. Pears are an autumn fruit every bit as versatile as apples. The two are swapped easily in practically most every recipe that calls for one of them. Have pears but need applesauce? Pear sauce is perfectly lovely. Want to make Apple Pie but have too many ripening pears? Pear pie is divine. Want to make mashed potatoes and have an extra couple of pears kicking around? Mashed potatoes with Pears is absurdly yummy. Pears go as well with cranberries as apples do, too. Try pears instead of apples in Apple and Cranberry Tart for a change.

I love apples with cinnamon and I love pears with cardamom so if I do any fruit swapping, I swap spices too. Try pears dressed simply with cardamom sugar* instead of cinnamon sugar. Even Megan, who turns up her nose at pears, will eat them with a little cardamom sugar sprinkled on top.

So because pears have been on sale lately and I just love using pears in the autumn, I'll be posting a small series of pear-centric recipes soon. If you don't care for pears so much, use apples instead!

*To make cardamom sugar, stir together 4 tbsp. sugar with 1/4 tsp. cardamom until well combined and fragrant.

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