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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More GFCF Egg-Free Sandwich Bread

Well, I've been busy. Life just sort of exploded after the new year and I don't know when it will slow down again, maybe not until summer break. But I have been busy baking egg-free bread for Megan and testing different flour blends to see how they work. So far I've tried Sorghum and Millet, High Protein and Multigrain blends. I like each of them - here are my notes.

Sorghum and Millet - this produces a bread that looks just like any regular white bread. The taste is mild, there are no strong flavors so it goes well with just about anything. The loaf rises beautifully. Once out of the pan, it compresses slightly.

High Protein - this produces a pretty bread with a buttery color. I love the way it tastes - the chickpea flour does not taste strong to me (though others might not care for the taste of chickpea flour - to each her own). The texture is very light. The loaf looks perfect coming out of the oven, but it shrinks as it cools.

Multigrain - so far this produces as perfect-looking a loaf as possible. It does not compress much at all as it cools. I added a little buckwheat flour, which gives the bread a hearty flavor and texture. This is my favorite blend to use so far.

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