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Friday, March 5, 2010

Natural Food Colorings

I've gotten a couple of requests for dye-free frosting. Here I'm going to show you what beet and red cabbage can do!

To use beet juice as food coloring, roast some beets in a little bit of water, about 1/2 cup. Save the brilliant red beet juice. A little bit makes a light pink frosting, a lot makes a dark fuschia frosting.

To use red cabbage as a food coloring, boil half a red cabbage in a little bit of water...the less water you use the more color you will get. Save the cabbage water, it will look purpley-blue. I had to use a lot of it to get a pale purple color.

Tumeric will give you a yellow color. Cooked cherries mixed with blueberries will give you a dark purple-pink color. I have not experimented beyond this...well except for trying to cook parsley but that did not give me the green color I was seeking!

I got this light pink color from beets.
The dye-free gummy stars are from Whole Foods.

I got this pale purple color from red cabbage.



Great idea, I made my own Easter egg dyes one year and used cabbage, turmeric, and onion skins. The eggs were gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Spinach might make a nice green color.

Andrea L.

Erin said...

Onion skins? Wow. And spinach...good ideas! Thanks!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I love these! Have you tried the Whole Foods dye-free sugar sprinkles? I mix those with the Cherry Brook Farms icing and they turn great colors.

So glad to have found your blog. I need to become inspired to do more home made baking for my child on the GF/CF diet, so I can't wait to try out your recipes.

Erin said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. I have not yet tried the dye-free sprinkles but may do that in a pinch - what a great trick you have for making colored icing with them! I hope you like the recipes you find here. :)

Mrs. Ed said...

Great Ideas! I've been thinking about trying some dehydrated and ground veggies for coloring. Not sure if they will work or not. Some of my experiments turn out and others don't. I'll have to try the cabbage sometime.