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Friday, August 20, 2010

Gluten Free and Corn Free - Fried Green Tomatoes!

It's been obnoxiously hot and humid here for three weeks and counting. My tomato plants are looking very sad. No matter how much I water them, they are frying in the sun. They are still producing small to medium tomatoes, but as soon as they ripen they get rotten spots where the sun hits them all day long. I've thrown out many ripe tomatoes, which is starting to make me very cranky. Then I thought of fried green tomatoes. I've never had fried green tomatoes and never wanted to make them. But when push comes to shove, I am a practical person and I just can't keep throwing food away. So I caved. I fried up some unripe tomatoes.

I can honestly say that fried green tomatoes are delicious, especially on a BLT. I'm surprised by how much I like them. I went here for ideas on how to make them and apparently, there's no "right" way, you can pretty much do what you want. So I dredged mine in rice flour,fried them up in a little bit of bacon drippings and slapped them into a sandwich. Yummy. Now that I'm thinking about it, a little bit of Tabasco Green Jalepeno Pepper Sauce on these would be excellent too.

Now that I've cleared the fried green tomato hurdle, the one thing that's left that I swore I'd never eat and never cook is...okra. And guess what? My friend has okra plants with huge okra waiting to be picked. Mel, you keep that okra to yourself. I'm not ready to go native completely just yet!

Fried Green Tomatoes
2 medium green tomatoes, washed and thickly sliced
1/3 cup rice flour
generous pinches of salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil (or if making a BLT, save the bacon drippings and use a bit to fry the tomatoes)

Heat a little olive oil, about a tablespoon, in a skillet over medium-low heat (I like using cast iron). In a medium bowl, combine the rice flour, salt and pepper. Dredge the tomato slices through the rice flour, coating completely. Place the tomato slices in the skillet and cook about 3 minutes, or until the bottoms are crispy and golden brown. Flip and cook until golden on the other side, adding a little more oil if necessary to keep them from sticking to the pan. Serve hot.

Grilled Fried Green Tomato Sandwich - simply divine!


Ina said...

Erin - I'm like you - do not want to throw away food! We had these for the first time last year, aren't they yummy! They are good dipped in basil mayonnaise too!

Erin said...

Mmmm, basil mayonnaise sounds good! How about ranch dressing???

Anonymous said...

It is hot! I am tired of heat and humidity. It's been a while since this great state has been this hot. So Erin, those tomatoes look might yummy. I can't have anything from the nightshade family. Bummer. Maybe I'll try this with zuchinni or yellow squash. What bread recipe did you serve with this? It looks delicious! I can't remember the last time I had any kind of GF bread. Have a great day. As always, "thank you" for replying to my comments and questions.

Andrea L.

Erin said...

Hi Andrea,
As always, thank you for your comments! Using squash sounds like a great idea! The bread was my egg free recipe made with my sorghum and millet blend. It it pretty yummy, but my favorite blend for bread is High Protein (rice and chickpea).