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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sauteed Lentil Sprouts

Sprouted lentils - what's not to love? They are super healthy and delicious!

Recently a friend came over with a gift of lentil and mung bean sprouts, a full dry pint of each. He said the CSA he's part of is having a hard time producing vegetables, so the farmer sprouted lentils and mung beans. I said thank you, raised an eyebrow, and asked him what to do with them. He told me to saute them in a little coconut oil and call it a side dish. So that's what I did.

Let me tell you, lentil sprouts sauteed with chopped swiss chard, coconut oil, salt, and pepper are surprisingly delicious. Almost addicting, actually. Even my mom and DH were surprised by how much they liked them. The mung bean sprouts were a different matter - they have a strong taste I don't care for. DH made a mung bean dahl once and I just couldn't eat it, he got the whole pot to himself. That's a taste preference, I'm sure other people would go ga-ga for mung bean sprouts and by all means, they should. As for me, I'll stick with the lentil sprouts.

Actually I think there are many beans and grains that can be sprouted successfully. I'm going to have to sprout my own lentils if I want any more (and I do). I may try other beans and seeds, too, following the guidelines found here at Primal Seeds and here at One Hot Stove (I'll probably use the cheesecloth method instead of the jar method). After the lentils have sprouted, what will I do with them? First I'll try this recipe at The Nourishing Gourmet and then this recipe at The Vegan Chef. There are also many other ideas for using sprouted beans here at the International Sprouts Growers Association (

So wish me luck, I'll be embarking on a sprouting adventure soon!

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