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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sprouting Lentils, Trial One

Ever since a good friend gave us some of his excess lentil sprouts last summer (which were super delicious), I've been meaning to sprout my own. It's been several months and I finally got around to it. In all honesty, a friend who is greener than I am showed me how and talked me through it - apparently, she's been sprouting seeds and grains and legumes for years. Well, now I want to jump on the boat, especially after she extolled the virtues of sprouted mustard seeds. I can't wait to try those!

But for now, I can sprout lentils. I just used ye olde package of lentils laying around on a grocery shelf for who-knows-how-long. Thankfully, they were not too old to sprout. My friend said to do this:

Pour one thin layer of lentils into a long shallow dish. Cover them with water and let them sit for an hour or two. Drain them, making sure they remain in a single layer. Put them in your cabinet (or other dark, cool place).

Rinse the lentils once per day, making sure after each rinse they remain in a single layer. After a day or two, you will see them start to sprout. After 5 days, they should be sufficiently sprouted and you can enjoy them (I like mine sauteed in coconut oil with a bit of salt and pepper).

My friend says we happen to live in a dry area, so we can sprout this way without having to fear the lentils growing mold or rotting. Other people sprout using a jar or bowl and a cheesecloth, and I want to try that next to see if I can get more sprouted lentils using less real estate. Trial Two to commence soon following these instructions here!


Tipton Dillingham said...

I follow your blog for your great recipes and to follow along with your stories of your daughters. My oldest son is a newly diagnosed asperger's child. We sprouted seeds this year for Nowrouz. In our quest to explore new foods to eat I also seem to learn about new cultures and sprouted seeds is a Persian New Year tradition. My lentils didn't turn out because it was my first try at it and I let them get too damp I think. But, since I can't do wheat and wanted variety I did buckwheat. These I sprouted in some soil and within two weeks I had clover looking greens that my younger son and I put on salad. When the planter was starting to thin he and I would just pick the sprouts and eat them for fun. You should try buckwheat sprouts. Go to my blog (if I posted my URL right and you can see a picture of them under my "Renewal" post.

Erin said...

Hi Tipton, thanks for your comment. I will indeed need to try buckwheat sprouts (they look so pretty!). :)

Anonymous said...

These are soooo yummy - I can still taste them even now! With all the rain we are getting, any attempt to sprout them now would result in moldy lentils. Maybe later when the humidity goes down.
Something to look forward to!

Erin said...

Hi, Me. :) Ewww, moldy lentils. It is better to wait. But you should definitely try sprouting!