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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roasted Garlic and Black Eyed Pea Dip

(The black eyed peas and roasted garlic give this dip a lovely subtle smoky flavor.)

It is over 100 degrees today. It's been like that for over a month. This summer has been just Too. Darn. Hot. And guess what we woke up to at 3am last night? A horrible squealing sound coming from the closet where our A/C until lives. It sounded like a cross between a fire alarm and a car's fan belt going out. Poor Anna screamed and jumped out of bed like her pants were on fire. We turned the A/C off, waited, then turned it back on. No more squealing, which was replaced with a high-pitched whine when the unit is on. Not so fabulous, but better than the squealing.

So I called our home warranty company this morning. Their A/C fixers will come out tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, 12 hours after the last squealing incident, our unit starts to scream like a stuck pig again. And it's 104 degrees outside. I'm just a little bit stressed. Off goes the unit...wait a few minutes...turn it back on...nothing. Maybe it's a belt, the motor, the compressor...who knows. The fixer can't get here fast enough. I hope the A/C does not die. As I'm fretting, I need to be moving. So I'm in the kitchen, making things that don't need an oven. We are having hippie chow for dinner (this time salmon over rice), no-bake cookies for dessert, and yummy hummus-y dip for a snack. Thank goodness for rice cookers, crock pots and toaster ovens!

Roasted Garlic and Black Eyed Pea Dip
3 cups cooked black-eyed peas (or 2 cans drained)
1 large head garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 tbsp. water
1 tsp. salt (more if using cooked beans, less if using canned beans)
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. parsley, if desired

Preheat oven (or toaster oven!) to 375 degrees. Place the head of garlic on a piece of tin foil. Cut the tops off each garlic clove, leaving the bulb intact. Drizzle with 1 tbsp. olive oil. bring up the sides of the tin foil and fold over to make a pouch with the garlic inside. Roast the garlic about 20 minutes or until bulb is soft. Remove the pouch from the oven, unwrap the tin foil and let the garlic cool to room temperature. The roasted garlic can be stored for a day or two in the refrigerator.

Place the black-eyed peas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, water, salt, pepper, cayenne and parsley into a food processor and process until smooth and thick. Adjust seasonings to your taste. This is good served warm or at room temperature.


Ina said...

This sounds delicious, and I like your hippie chow too! :)

Erin said...

Thanks, Ina. :)