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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lentil and Millet Flat Bread

So I have fallen in love with dosa (lentil and rice flat breads). I love them at any time of the day, stuffed with anything (especially steamed veggies) or just plain with a bit of salt. And it got me to thinking...why can't I use another grain in place of the rice? Such as...millet? For a little variety, no? It took a bit of searching, but I came across a recipe for Fox Millet Dosa (Korra Biyam) and promptly tried it. I don't know where to find Fox Millet, but whatever...regular old millet works fine. And I'm using red lentils instead of urad dal. I just can't help it, mixing things up with a devil-may-care attitude. But the end result? Tasty.

Basically, follow the dosa recipe exactly except use millet instead of rice. I let the lentils and millet soak for a day (about 10 hours), ground them to a paste, then let them ferment overnight (another 10 or so hours) before placing the batter in the refrigerator. After a few days, the batter has a nice tang. I'm a fan. We've been enjoying lentil and millet dosas all week now, and I'm not even slightly bored yet. In fact, I'm thinking of making another batch and serving them with Ina's yummy looking East Indian recipes!

(Lentil and millet dosa stuffed with chicken salad for dinner.
Next time, I'll stuff them with a curried chicken salad, or maybe a curried potato concoction.
Thanks for the inspiration, Ina!)

(Lentils and millet ground to a thick paste. This is smoother than the lentil and rice batter.)

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Ina said...

Erin - I love the idea of using millet! With curried chicken salad, or curried potatoes...Yummmm! Thanks for the link....think I will be making more dosa's this week too!