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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gluten Free & Vegan - Cream Gravy

Continuing my slide into assimilation, the other night this born and bred northeasterner made cream gravy. I've only ever had it once before when a friend made it for me last year (she's pretty determined to speed along my habituation!). I'd previously turned my nose up at the stuff but since she made it, I had to try it. It was okay - not bad, but still a little foreign.

The decision to cave and make cream gravy was not intentional but born of necessity - I didn't have any broth in the house to make regular gravy to serve over mashed potatoes, but I did have coconut milk. And I was really in the mood for gravy. So I used this recipe as a guide and added generous pinches of cayenne and chipotle powder because I was also craving something with a little bite. Actually if I had thought about it, I would have sauteed up a little bit of minced onion and jalapeno pepper to include in the gravy (maybe I'll do that next time).

I was very surprised at how much we all liked it. I made biscuits too (because why not go whole hog?) and I liked the cream gravy best over biscuits. I'm slightly horrified to confess this, but I'm a convert. Biscuits with cream gravy are yummy. It's not a food I'll eat very often but every once in awhile it really could hit the spot. And it's really not as bad for you as I always assumed it was. Even Anna liked it, though she did say with a thoughtful look "Well, Mommy, it doesn't taste like much by itself. But it makes other stuff taste good". Guess I'll turn up the heat a little more next time to see what she says about it then!

(Oh cream gravy, I hate to admit this - but you are pretty darn tasty!)

2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. potato starch
1 1/2 cups plain coconut milk (I used Thai Kitchen Lite Coconut Milk)
salt and pepper to taste
cayenne and chipotle powder to taste, if desired

In a medium skillet or saucepan, heat the olive oil over low to medium-low heat. Add the potato starch and stir until dissolved. Cook and stir for about a minute until bubbly. Slowly whisk in the coconut milk. Cook and stir until it thickens to your liking, then turn off the heat. Add the salt and pepper (and cayenne and/or chipotle powder if desired) to your taste. Serve immediately. This is good over biscuits, mashed potatoes, vegetables, or anything else that strikes your fancy!


Ina said...

Erin - this does sound yummy. I was just thinking the other day about GF sausages, biscuits and gravy - yum!

Nicole said...

Start adding sausage to your gravy and then it starts being "bad" for you. :) But, every few years I get a hankering for biscuits and gravy on a Sunday. Looks good.

Erin said...

Biscuits and gravy on Sundays could totally be a new tradition...