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Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally! "Sour Cream" I Can Buy - And other Stuff by Wayfare!

For years I have stalked the cheese aisles at my local natural food stores to see what new dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free "dairy" products are offered, waiting for that elusive holy grail - sour cream.  Imagine my excitement, after years of waiting, to see We Can't Say It's Sour Cream at one of my local Whole Foods stores!  And right next to it, We Can't Say It's Cheese cheese spreads - all by Wayfare and free of dairy, soy and gluten!  So I snapped them up and brought them home.

First I tried the We Can't Say It's Sour Cream, which uses a lima bean, oat and rice base instead of a soy base.  You must stir it before using it, otherwise the texture is off (slightly grainy).  After stirring, it becomes creamy.  By itself the taste is a little interesting.  By interesting, I mean only very vaguely like sour cream.  However, in something it does taste a lot like sour cream.  I swirled it into chicken soup for dinner one night and topped the soup with diced avocado.  It was fabulous.  The girls loved it.  The sour cream gets a thumbs up from us - the only problem we have is that the container is too big.  16 ounces is too much for us and it went moldy before I could use it all.  I should have made sour cream muffins with it - maybe I'll do that next time.  It might make a good egg replacer too, I'll have to experiment with it.

Next I tried the cheese spreads.  I bought the Cheddar and the Mexi Cheddar.  The girls and I enjoyed them with crackers.  These cheese spreads are interesting.  By interesting, I don't mean bad...I mean quite good - it's hard to stop eating them because I'm trying to figure them out.  I like the Mexi Cheddar better than the plain cheddar - it tastes like a nacho cheese dip.  A product made of oats, nutritional yeast and spices (see ingredient lists here) that tastes like nacho cheese is just fascinating to me.  It's really quite good!

These products by Wayfare are pricey, so in this house they will be occasional treats.  But as treats, they are worth the price.  As of right now, only one Whole Foods in my area (and we have several, plus several other natural food stores) is carrying these particular Wayfare products.  I'm pretty sure if asked, other stores will place a special order.  Or you can order them online!

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