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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pan Fried "Cheese" Crisps

(Fried "Cheese" - crispy, melty deliciousness of a treat!)

Today for your consideration I present pan fried "cheese" crisps.  I was sadly remembering crispy parmesan to a friend and she said well, you can do that with Daiya!  She made some right then and there, I was so excited!  Here's what to do:  heat a cast iron pan over medium heat.  Drop Daiya shredded cheese (your choice, but we like Cheddar) by tablespoons into the hot skillet.  Cook until bottoms are firm and lightly browned, flip and cook another minute more.  Remove to a plate and serve hot.  Enjoy plain or topped with a little bit of salsa.  Yum!

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