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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Tails to You

Meet Cookie, the newest member of our family.

When I say member of the family, I mean that Cookie will be a part of my classroom this coming year.  Because DH hates anything cute and furry.  (He really needs to be bald, with a long goatee, and at least one tattoo, and big clunky Docs, to be claiming intolerance of cute furry animals. Well, two out of four isn't bad.  But I digress.)

I believe that pets are good for kids.  They can teach lots of things - love, tolerance, patience, responsibility.  When met with DH's resistance, I started to think outside of the box.  (What box?)  If a small furry rodent would be a good experience for my kids, well it would be a good experience for my "other" kids.  Middle schoolers love small pets.  Usually small pets are found in second and third grade classrooms, maybe fourth grade.  But middle school?  Everyone expects them to be all grown up, when deep down inside all they want is some cute furry animal to talk to.  Problem solved.

We bought Cookie early last week.  She was cute and small, with ears that lay flat and wavy against her head.  The cat is enthralled and at the same time repulsed.  In a week, Cookie has grown to twice her "original" size, and her ears now stick straight up from her head.  Hello, cute!  We are trying to handle her as much as she will tolerate, to get her used it before going to school.  She loves to take a spin in her ball, which the cat hates.  The hamster knows this and will make a beeline for the cat at every opportunity.

Cookie is a bit of a diva.  I will need to help her to acclimate to many voices and lots of action..  After all, she will be a working hamster, one whose primary purpose will be to teach.  Last year we had a class alien, and we explored his "otherness"  and origins.  This year we will have a class hamster, whose happy Habitrail home looks a little alien itself.  We will be doing creative and descriptive writing about the hamster in class.  She is tri-colored, which will help.  We'll draw pictures of her too, to aid us in our writing. What is not to love?  I mean - cute whiskers, sticky-up ears, a butt that waggles when she runs in her wheel?  So awesome.  I'm really excited about our hamster.

I wish I could say the cat is also excited about our hamster.  And DH.  But I work with what I have.  Middle school, here we come.

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