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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fried Sage

One summer when we traveled back home, we stayed at a B&B that served fried potatoes with fried sage for breakfast.  I'd never had anything like fried sage before - freshly plucked out of the garden and fried in a little olive oil until just crisp.  It was delicious.  It's taken several years to actually make fried sage myself.  I'm glad I did - it's as good as I remember it, and the girls inhaled it.  Anna likes to eat hers straight up, but I like to crumble mine on top of other food, such as roasted vegetables.  I like to think that sage's antiviral properties help fight cold sores, which have plagued me even after raising the white flag of surrender and taking daily medication to fight flare-ups.  Dirty rotten flare-ups do still happen, especially when I'm under stress, which is a constant lately.  So I figure dabbing sage tincture on my lips and eating sage in whatever manner I can, even fried, has to be doing some good.  One has to hope, anyway.

Frying sage is super easy.  Grab several fresh organic sage leaves.  I grabbed mine from my garden, so I didn't bother washing them because I knew where they came from...I just waved them around a bit to dislodge whatever dust or pollen there was on them.  I figured any bug spit would be rendered inert by the frying, and in any case, little protein never hurt anyone.  If you want to wash your sage, be sure to pat the leaves dry before frying, or the water will spit and splatter in the hot oil and you'll be running for cover while the sage burns.

Heat several tablespoons of olive oil in a shallow frying pan over medium-low heat.  Add sage leaves in a single layer and cook several seconds.  They will be stiff and will turn a lovely dark green color - do not let them brown. Flip and cook another several seconds, then remove to a paper towel to drain.  Sprinkle with salt immediately if desired, and let cool.  They will be crispy and delicious!.